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The visual identity for the Norwegian University of Life Science never comes to an end.
With a symbol created as a “Biogram”, it creates a new version of it self every day and reflects how the university is about life, living organisms and cycles.

The system is based on 21 points with 7 different sizes, where the size changes according to the date. This dates can be everyting from important milestones in the schools history or personal references for the users.



lnst festival


Alberto Romanos created a collaborative identity system for a cultural festival asking people to follow these basic rules:

  1. Pick a colour
  2. Draw a circle doing at least three rotations. Do it quickly and don’t bother yourself about geometric perfection.
  3. Done!

loreak mendian


Loreak Mendian is running a photography contest. You just need to submit a picture using a blank circle covering your face.

More info at Loreak Mendian’s photography contest