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8vo on the outside

Via Swiss Legacy, I found out that some chapters from the 8vo on the outside book are available at Google Books. Unfortunately, those showcasing their flexible identities are not. The book is published by Lars Müller.

Recommended reading with interesting inputs about the importance of the design of the system, as opposed to the design of the outcome.

Image from the Hamish Muir website.


tess management

Mind Design in collaboration with Swiss designer Simon Egli developed this modular identity for Tess Management.

The logo system developed from simple outlines letter shapes overlaid with various ornaments and Art Deco inspired shapes. It would be possible to create endless logo combination’s using this principle but we decided on a set of six colour and six black- and -white versions for a general use.

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Grafik Magazine n.181, p 28


Another great flexible identity system from Interbrand’s Sydney Office. Playing with a monospace font creates a solid and adequate visual language for Griffin, a theatre plays writing company.

A full review of the identity at Brand New.

karl gerstner

Back in the 60’s, Swiss designer Karl Gerstner wrote Designing Programmes, a book about systems in graphic design that still valid nowadays and should be a reference for any graphic designer interested on this approach.

Designing Programmes is published by Lars Müller. Scroll down to see more details about the book by the middle of the page.

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