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eddie opara

Another inspiring talk at the Walker Art Center.

Eddie Opara is a former designer of Art Technology Group, Imaginary Forces and New York based 2×4. He is a founder partner of the Map Office, defined in their own words as:

A contemporary design agency striving to build compelling visual brands through strategy, design and technology.


tess management

Mind Design in collaboration with Swiss designer Simon Egli developed this modular identity for Tess Management.

The logo system developed from simple outlines letter shapes overlaid with various ornaments and Art Deco inspired shapes. It would be possible to create endless logo combination’s using this principle but we decided on a set of six colour and six black- and -white versions for a general use.

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Grafik Magazine n.181, p 28

decode V&A

Victoria and Albert Museum has commissioned the artist Karsten Schmidt to design a truly malleable, digital identity for the Decode exhibition by providing it as open source code. We are giving you the opportunity to recode Karsten’s work and create your own original artwork. If we love your work it might even become the new Decode identity.

Text quoted from Decode via FormFiftyFive. Image from toxi‘s Flickr.



The Swiss company Heads came up last year with a brilliant identity system for Namics, based on the inputs from the company’s employees.

They just won a reddot design award to be awarded the next December the 9th. Congratulations.

lnst festival


Alberto Romanos created a collaborative identity system for a cultural festival asking people to follow these basic rules:

  1. Pick a colour
  2. Draw a circle doing at least three rotations. Do it quickly and don’t bother yourself about geometric perfection.
  3. Done!

loreak mendian


Loreak Mendian is running a photography contest. You just need to submit a picture using a blank circle covering your face.

More info at Loreak Mendian’s photography contest