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Rules Based was born as a suggestion from Paul McNeil, Tutor at the London College of Communication.

The main idea is to share references related to generative art and rules based design, not only through the email as we were doing already, but also allowing other people to give feedback about the projects showcased, because feedback drives generative processes.

Authors & contributors

  • Alberto Romanos graduated in 2009 from the MA Graphic Branding & Identity at London College of Communication. His major project explored the possibilities of generative design strategies applied to the creation of flexible (or non-fixed) identity systems.
  • Edouard Pecher attended the same MA with Alberto and researched visual systems of oppositions related to a cultural identity as a final project.
  • Thomas Kjellberg is graduating in 2011 from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, with a master degree in Design and Visual Communication. For his major project, he is researching the process and the usability of dynamic and flexible identities.